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What Your Sleep Position Says About You

What Your Sleep Position Says About You

Just like your favorite color, your preferred sleeping position can say a lot about who you are. There have been multiple sleep studies and surveys demonstrating correlations between certain personality traits and the five most common sleeping positions. Although it can’t explain why you have a deep passion for pasta, it may give others a clue about whether you are extroverted or introverted. Here is what your sleep positions say about you.


The most common sleep position is the fetal one at an estimated 41% of the population choosing to sleep this way and is more commonly chosen by women than men. It is called the fetal position because you must lie on your side and pull your knees up and forward to resemble a fetus. People who sleep in the fetal position are hard workers, make friends easily, and have a sensitive heart, but know when to tough it out. If you go home after a long day and curl up in this position ready for bed, then you may be trying to find comfort after such an exhausting day.

The Log

The second most popular position is the log at 15% of sleepers. It is similar to the fetal position, where one must lie on their side, but instead of having their arms and legs pulled forward, they shoot straight down along the body. The survey shows that people who prefer to sleep in the log pose are extroverted and love to be around others. However, they may be too trusting of strangers and are known to be gullible.

The Yearner

Around 13% of sleepers prefer the yearning position. It is a mix between the fetal and log poses, in which the sleeper lies on their side with arms reading out in front of them, but their legs are pulled straight down instead of forward. People who sleep in this position have open personalities but will remain suspicious of new friends and strangers. They tend to be cynical and indecisive, yet headstrong.

The Soldier

This position resembles a soldier because the sleeper lies on their back with their arms stuck tightly to their sides and their legs together straight out. Only 8% of sleepers prefer sleeping in this pose. People who sleep in the soldier position are introverted and have a habit of keeping to themselves. They will do almost anything possible to avoid confrontation or an argument. If necessary, they will break up an argument between to friends. Soldier sleepers also hold themselves to a higher standard than they do others.


Only 7% of sleepers preferred the freefall position, in which they sleep on their stomach with their head turned to one side and arms around their pillow. Freefall sleepers are extroverted, brash, and love to have a good laugh. Although they enjoy having a good time, they easily get nervous, especially during dire or extreme situations where they must make a decision with little or no time to think. They hate being criticized and aren’t thick skinned.

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