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How To Do A Detox — In 4 Easy Steps

How To Do A Detox -- In 4 Easy Steps

Are you low on energy? Feeling stuck? Ready to leave behind unhealthy habits? It is time for a detox! Clear away old toxins and leave behind old habits to start fresh.

But how? If you are ready for a detox, follow these four simple steps:

Set Your Intention

Before you begin, ask yourself some questions to clarify your goals. Why are you doing a detox? What do you want to leave behind or clear out? What do you want to embrace and begin? Sharpen your focus and set clear goals for yourself.

Make A Plan

Now that you know why you want to do a detox, it is time to plan the details.

  • What unhealthy foods or substances will you eliminate from your life? Many people choose to cut out foods such as meat, sugar, and dairy — or to fast entirely.
  • What foods or drinks will help you detox? Foods high in soluble fiber, and herbal teas, can help your cleanse.
  • What activities will help, and which won’t? You may wish to avoid addictive activities, like video games. Other activities can support your detox, such as exercising, using a sauna, taking walks, doing yoga, or meditating.
  • When and for how long will your detox happen? The length of a successful detox depends on the habits or substances being eliminated. Consult others with experience to set the timetable for your detox.
  • Where will you detox? You may be able to detoxify while going about your daily business. But serious cleansing will need dedicated time and space. If you can take time away and find a peaceful place to retreat, it can help your body and mind detoxify at deeper levels.

Check with a doctor to ensure that your plan is healthy.

Ready – Set – Detox!

Now that you have a clear intention and a plan to achieve it, you are ready to get started.

The first phase of a detox is one of excitement. Knowing that you’re doing something special for yourself can be its own kind of buzz!

The second phase — fighting cravings — is when the real work begins. Your old habits will try to reassert themselves. They will have a strong pull. Resist them any way you can! Take a walk, call a friend, or find healthier substitutes. To stay motivated, remember the goals that you set.

The third phase — cleansing — may be the hardest. Once you stop taking in unhealthy substances, your body will begin to clean out old residues. This may have physical symptoms similar to a minor flu. It may have emotional symptoms, such as vivid dreams. This phase is very important to clean out what has been weighing you down. If you can get external support, such as a massage or therapy appointment, now is the time to use it.

Re-Enter the Real World — Slowly

Finally, your detox is over. Congratulations! You feel fresh and are full of new energy. But don’t rush straight back into the same lifestyle that you just left. Experts recommend that for each day of your detox, you set aside a day for re-entry. For example, if you fasted for three days, you would do best to spend the following three days eating just fruits and vegetables. This re-entry period is when you solidify new habits and thought patterns, merging them with your daily life, so don’t skip it!

Congratulations on your decision to do a detox! In the comments below, share your own tips and experience.

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