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Botox Can Treat More Than Just Wrinkles

Botox Can Treat More Than Just Wrinkles

Botox, also referred to as Botulinum Type A is a neurotoxin responsible in alleviating the burden of a multitude of medical conditions. Commonly used in cosmetic procedures, this neurotoxin is responsible for improving the manner that over one million people view themselves each year, and is a continual process for most. In fact, its popularity began in the year 2000, and has raised in interest over 700% since. Contrary to popular belief, though, botox is not only used in combatting unsightly wrinkles, but greatly aids in medical science across the globe.

Manages Acne

Though the compound is not widely recognized in abolishing acne altogether, what it does do is shrink the sebaceous glands wherever it is injected; these glands are responsible for oil secretion, which is heightened in some individuals. Additionally, the neurotoxin is responsible for shrinking pores temporarily, which reduces the access point for oil and results in a smoother, clearer, more youthful complexion.

In relation to this idea, Botulinum Type A also controls diaphoresis, or excessive sweating as it is commonly known. By shrinking sweat glands significantly, the problem noticeably diminishes.

Shrinks and Softens the Jawline and Chin

From birth to excessive motion of the area, a jawline can often be deemed too big. Botox–especially over time–is able to reduce, or shrink, the appearance of the masseter muscles in the face. Two or three injections work temporarily, while consistent injections every three to six months allows the neurotoxin to build up and slim the jaw and chin, overall.

Plumps Lips

Though credit is often given to collagen when it comes to making the lips appear fuller, botox often serves the same purpose, but in a different manner. When small amounts are injected into the top lip, the compound acts as a plumper by rolling it slightly upward and out. This technique tends to be more subtle than full-on collagen injections, which makes them more favorable. The minute amounts administered in this portion of the face result in a more cost-effective procedure as well.

Lessens Migraines

While not much literature exists in complete support of the cause, the concept behind the theory is fairly plausible. When injected in the face, the neurotoxin is said to act as a numbing agent–ultimately blocking pain signals put forth by the brain. Its relaxation of facial muscles makes the localized areas less sensitive to pain, too. As more recognition is placed on this practice, physicians urge this procedure to be a last resort treatment for those who suffer from debilitating, chronic migraines. Professionals also urge to consider the cosmetic effects, due to the fact that prolonged use of botox can backfire and cause saggy skin.

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