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9 Daily Tips to Keep You Feeling Young

9 Daily Tips to Keep You Feeling Young

It’s no secret that the older we get, the deeper we search for ways to feel young. What we may gain in life experience is often overshadowed by the stress we put on our aging bodies and minds.

If you’re yearning for a body and mind refresher, here is a concise list of ways to start feeling more youthful today.

1. Skin Care

Above pricey washes and creams, one of the most important things you can do for your skin is to apply sunscreen. Reversing years of skin damage from the sun’s rays isn’t always possible, but whatever your age now, start wearing some level of sunscreen on your face and neck daily to prevent further damage.

1. Water

Water not only hydrates your body, it continually flushes toxins and keeps skin youthful. If you can’t get the recommended 64 ounces daily, do your best to sip room temperature water throughout the day, especially in the morning.

3. Exploring

Become active in a club, join a new organization, or volunteer in your community. Interacting with others and making new friends in your age group is important in easing the worries of aging.

4. Try Something New

When was the last time you saw live music or went to a museum? Have you always wanted to go to Europe? Book that trip! Awesome travel deals can be found on websites such as or for even last-minute trips on a day off or a fun “staycation” in your town.

5. Activity

You may not want to join a gym and devote hours a day to exercise, but did you know that walking for just 10 minutes lowers blood pressure and increases overall focus? Even if you can’t make it outside, try walking in place for a few minutes during commercial breaks or on a phone call. Think about trading your typical workspace for a standing desk. Your back, muscles, and circulation will thank you.

6. Makeover

Never underestimate the power of a new haircut, outfit, or a makeup consultation. Have you given matte lipstick a try? Always wanted to buy a pocket square or flashy cufflinks? Get yourself something new! Being a bit adventurous out of your comfort zone can boost confidence and make you feel younger. If makeup or fashion isn’t your thing, consider getting a facial or body scrub to brighten up your natural look.

7. Diet

Few things will make you as sluggish as a poor diet. Challenge yourself. Consider cutting out sugar for a week (it’s hidden in so many foods) or avoid alcohol for a month. As a rule, bypass processed foods and start analyzing the ingredients in what you eat. Just a few food swaps will do wonders to increase vitality.

8. Learning

The older we get, the more our minds need day-to-day stimulation. Get reading. Identify a subject that interests you and head to your library or order books online about the topic. Do you like a challenge? Think about completing daily puzzles or crosswords. Maybe take some time to study a new language. Duolingo, as well as many other apps, will guide you in learning words and phrases on your own time.

9. Gratitude

Take a moment every day to be thankful for good things. Even one daily internal expression of thankfulness rejuvenates your overall attitude and demeanor.

With a few small alterations, you can restore and maintain youthfulness. Remember, with each passing year, you only get better and wiser. Celebrate it!

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