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7 Foods That Can Help You Through The Flu

7 Foods That Can Help You Through The Flu

Body aches, fatigue, fever, coughs, runny nose, and headaches. Let’s face it: troubled by these symptoms and many more, you have the flu! Though the right medications and proper rest can help combat the flu, they may not be enough for your body to overcome this frustrating sickness. Eating certain foods with powerful flu-fighting properties may offer you relief and the energy to get well quick! Take a look at these seven foods and give them a nibble!

1. Drinking Enough Water? Well Then, Drink More!

It goes without saying that whenever you are sick, you need to drink plenty of fluids. It may feel tiresome to hear this suggestion yet again, but perhaps it is just that important! Dehydration is not something you want to deal with on top of the flu because it can worsen symptoms such as nausea. Water helps to clear out toxins from the body and decongest your nose and chest. While it may not seem like a fun idea to crawl out of you blanket cocoon to use the restroom after keeping up with your water intake, your body will definitely thank you in the end!

2. Drink Tea And Vegetable Juice.

Unfortunately, water isn’t simply the only fluid you should sip on when you have the flu. Teas like oolong, green, and black, as well as vegetable juice, are packed with immune-boosting antioxidants. If your taste buds are still functioning, add in some lemon juice or soothing honey to your tea and breathe in the steam to help with congestion. Can’t stand vegetable juice? Try one hundred percent fruit juice instead.

3. Do You Have An Upset Stomach? Feeling Nauseous? Have Some Ginger.

Whether you boil fresh ginger in hot water for tea, sprinkle ginger powder into your meal, sip some ginger ale, or grate ginger over your food, this is a delicious ingredient to incorporate into your diet for the flu and stomach discomfort!

4. Have You Heard About The BRAT Diet?

While you do not have to follow this diet plan specifically, the foods suggested can seriously help ease most digestive issues or nausea that come with being sick. The last thing you want to do when you have the flu is stand in the kitchen preparing intricate dishes, and then forcing yourself to eat them. BRAT stands for bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. These are simple foods that settle the stomach and help with digestion (also a key part of removing toxins from the body).

5. Let’s Hope You Aren’t A Vampire Because Garlic Is Great When You Have The Flu!

The main ingredient of garlic is allicin, a compound that contains sulfur. The compounds in garlic can help boost the body’s immune system. Here is the catch: you have to eat the garlic raw! Heat from cooking can break down the healthful properties of foods. If you absolutely have to cook garlic, try not to overdo it by plopping in whole cloves and cooking lightly when you make your meal.

6. You May Not Be Up For It, But Don’t Cut Out Protein.

True, soups are a go-to when you are knocked out by the flu. They are easy on the stomach and usually contain a lot of ingredients with their own helpful ingredients. Turkey sausage or some edamame might not be the first foods to pop into your head when you are laying in bed dying from the flu! Proteins can help the body fight off the flu by building antibodies. Make mom’s noodle soup with extra chicken and have a big breakfast with loads of scrambled eggs.

7. Eat More Zinc!

While supplements can help fill in your dietary gaps, sometimes it is best to eat foods high in vitamins and minerals when you are sick to better absorb the nutrients. Zinc is one in particular that can strengthen the immune system and help your body’s defense against the flu. Red meats, oysters, shrimp, spinach, and a few dairy products like yogurt contain a great deal of zinc.

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