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Fitness Trends You Need To Try

Fitness Trends You Need To Try

Tired of your same old workout routine? Shake it up by signing up for a fun new fitness class! The 5 workouts below are huge fitness trends in 2017, so give them a try.

1. Hot Yoga

Think yoga is an easy workout? Sign up for a hot yoga class and your mind will be changed forever. Though it consists of “only” using your own body weight and stretching, holding your body in unnatural positions can really get your heart pumping! Add the fact that hot yoga is done in a 100 degree room and you’ll be sweating more than you ever thought possible. Hot yoga is even better for your body than regular flows because all that sweating flushes toxins out. The heat also allows reduces the risk of torn muscles while stretching.

2. Animal Flow

Have you ever wanted to move with the grace and strength of an animal? Now you can at Animal Flow classes. These body weight driven classes combine yoga, parkour, breakdancing, gymnastics, and acrobatics to build muscles and improve your cardio. Each workout requires you to stay low (usually on all fours) to engage lots of different muscles groups at once. Animal Flow is ideal for those who want a playful workout that will still leave them totally wiped out at the end of class.

3. Pole Dancing

Don’t knock it until you try it. While pole dancing is usually associated with strippers, these fitness classes are crazy hard. It’s the perfect full-body workout because you have to engage arms, legs, core, and more, plus improves flexibility. Not only does holding your body weight up on the pole in poses build lean muscle, pole fitness is also a great way to build confidence. Women and men alike can tap into their inner sexy and celebrate what their bodies can do!

4. Rowing

Once reserved for rich college students, rowing has taken off as a fun yet challenging way to build upper body strength. Not only will your arms, back, and shoulders get strong, rowing can actually engage 85 percent of the muscles in the body when done right. If you have bad knees or another problem that leave you on the sidelines of most cardio exercises, try rowing. It’s low-impact but still raises your heart rate and builds muscle!

These 4 workouts are just some of 2017’s hottest fitness trends. Try them out and who knows; you may just find your new passion!

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