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Which Popular Diet of 2017 is Right for You?

Which Popular Diet of 2017 is Right for You?

Spring is all about rebirth and new life. Dormant grasses release tentative shoots into the warming air. As signs of life surround us, it’s a natural time for people to evaluate what they are doing to become the best version of themselves. Within the dialogue of diet and wellness, there are a lot of voices telling us how we should eat to stay healthy or lose weight. But which of these methods is the best? There is no one answer for everybody. The best diet plan for you depends on the individual circumstances of your life and personality. We’ve put together a collection of three of 2017’s most talked about diets and discuss who may be the best fit for each one.

Ornish Diet

The Ornish Diet is excellent for creating a holistic mindset about the foods you eat. Focusing on improving quality of life, the diet does not label certain food categories good or bad, but instead presents a more nuanced way of seeing food on a spectrum of healthy to unhealthy. The diet encourages choosing foods that are less processed, which tend to be lower in harmful fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. The Ornish Diet caters to individuals who have the time and desire to prepare more of their own food at home and to become more connected to local sources of natural foods. If you are committed to doing your own food preparation, this diet may be right for you.

Vegetarian Diet

Excluding meat from your diet may not be an especially new approach, but experts continue to contend that it is one of the best things you can do for your health. Avoiding meat products helps to eliminate unhealthy saturated fats from your diet and encourages you to search for more wholesome sources of protein such as dark leafy greens or heart-healthy nuts. This diet is ideal for someone with a busy lifestyle who eats out often or may not have the time for the in-depth food preparation required by other diets. While vegetarian items are widely available, you do need to take the time to make sure you are choosing a variety of nutrients to replace the protein and iron you often take in through meat sources.

Jenny Craig Diet

The Jenny Craig diet offers the convenience of pre-packaged meals paired with the essential emotional support needed for individuals struggling to change ingrained habits around eating. Working through a system of restricting calories and portions, the Jenny Craig prepackaged meals aim to provide enticing food that helps educate you on what a balanced meal looks like. Because of the high degree of personalized support available with the Jenny Craig Diet, it may be a good choice for dieters who are dealing with long-standing habits such as emotional eating. The pre-packaged meals also provide a level of convenience for busy lifestyles or for individuals who are not keen on cooking meals at home. The Jenny Craig Diet carries a higher price tag than other diets, but paying the membership fee may help hesitant dieters become more committed to their goals.

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