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Quickly Get Back On Track After Thanksgiving

Quickly Get Back On Track After Thanksgiving

If you are like most people, Thanksgiving is the one day of the year you throw caution to the wind when it comes to your diet. You indulge in rich casseroles, gravy and deserts that you normally would not eat. While all of this rich food may cause you to pick up a pound or two, you can minimize the damage by getting back on track the day after Thanksgiving. Below are some tips to help you accomplish this goal.

Stock Up On Healthy Food

Having healthy food on hand the day after Thanksgiving will help you avoid falling into the leftover trap. Most people eat 3 to 4 times the calories they normally do in one Thanksgiving meal. However, you can minimize the damage by getting back to your normal food routine the next day. Be sure to stock up on the lean protein, healthy fats, vegetables and whole grains. Don’t attempt to save calories by skipping meals the next day, as this may cause your body to hold on to the fat you consumed the day before.

Hit The Gym

When you eat high carbohydrate foods, your body stores them as glycogen which turns to fat if it is not burned off. Studies have shown that hitting the gym for an intense workout 14 to 16 hours after you eat a big meal, helps prevent glycogen storage. In other words, working out can help you maximize the extra energy the carbohydrates provide. In addition, you will burn calories and store less fat.

Drink A Lot Of Water

After a big Thanksgiving meal, drinking water will curb your appetite the next day and give your metabolism a boost. Drinking a lot of water will also help you eliminate all of the extra salt you consumed eating turkey, ham and casseroles.

Taking a few steps right after the holidays will help you get back on track. Getting control of your diet and exercise program right after Thanksgiving will lessen the chance of weight gain. Hitting the gym will also give you much needed energy and ward off the lethargy that comes with eating fatty, carbohydrate laden foods.

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