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Most Popular Diets of 2016 and A Quick Guide to Each

Most Popular Diets of 2016 and A Quick Guide to Each

Starting a diet is a brave thing to do. When you make that decision, the last thing you want to worry about is picking the right choice out of dozens of fad diets. This article will simplify your decision by outlining the three most popular and most efficient weight loss regimens of 2016. Here are three ways that you can lose weight, look great, and get healthy.

1. The Slow Carb Diet

Pioneered by self-help guru Tim Ferriss, this diet is designed to provide perfect nutrition with the least amount of thinking possible. You reduce each meal to three basic elements: A protein source, a “slow carb” such as beans or lentils, and a vegetable. Foods considered to be fast carbs are completely cut out of the diet, including rice, bread, and anything with refined sugar. You can eat these carbs during your one cheat day each week (yay for cheat days!)

Ferriss advises that you should eat thirty grams of protein within the first thirty minutes of each day (think a low carb protein smoothie). Beyond that, there are very few rules as to how you structure your eating. Eat three times a day or six, include lots of meat or keep it vegetarian, and even include a glass of red wine at night if you want. The core principle of this diet is that by sticking to a few extremely effective rules, you can throw away most of the complicated systems that other diets rely on.

2. Raw Food Diet

The Raw Food Diet is another very simple weight loss regimen. As the name suggests, the basic idea of this diet is to eat nothing but raw food. This idea is based on scientific studies that suggest cooking food past 112 degrees Fahrenheit gets rid of valuable nutrients. Proponents of the Raw Food Diet say that restricting yourself to mostly raw foods, along with foods cooked at a very low temperature, is great for weight loss and overall health.

How can you sustain yourself on nothing but raw food? In addition to raw fruits and vegetables, this diet involves plenty of nuts, seeds, raw yogurt, and fermented foods including kimchi and sauerkraut. While this diet is very healthy, it is also very strict and therefore difficult to follow. Unlike the other two diets on this list, you won’t have an easy time eating at restaurants or sharing food with friends while on this plan.

3. The South Beach Diet

This diet is considered a “modified low-carb diet” and consists of multiple phases with different rules. Phase one is the most difficult by far, cutting out refined sugars and carbohydrates to force you to overcome your cravings. Phase two reintroduces the healthiest carbs, including brown rice and whole wheat bread. After reaching your target weight, you enter the final, least restrictive phase, which is a lifelong diet meant to keep you from ever regaining the pounds you lost.

After phase one, this is the easiest diet on the list. The final two phases of this diet are very relaxed and will allow you to eat at restaurants without an issue. If you want a sustainable diet for the long term, the South Beach Diet could be perfect for you.

Final Thoughts

These three diets each offer different strengths and weaknesses. Some people will find the simplicity of the Slow Carb Diet to work beautifully for them, while others will prefer the intensity of the Raw Food Diet. Most people will gravitate towards the South Beach Diet, with its flexibility and long term plan. The most important thing is to start as soon as possible. Try a diet and see how it fits your needs. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can reach your dream weight.

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