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Holiday Traveling Tips

Holiday Traveling Tips

Holidays can be a wonderful time for spending time with family and friends, but they can also mean long waits in security lines at the airport and exposure to a variety of germs that can cause illness. You can avoid these illnesses by following a few tips that will help to keep your festivities happy and healthy. .

Clean Hands, Fewer Germs
Airports and airplanes provide many surfaces where germs can settle, such as on backs and arms of seats, tray tables and bathroom doors. Avoid touching surfaces as much as possible and wash your hands at every opportunity. Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse or pocket to remove germs from your hands throughout the day. Avoid people who are coughing or sneezing, use the “elbow technique” to cover your own coughs and sneezes.

Staying Hydrated
Dehydration can increase fatigue and dry out mucus membranes, making it more likely you will succumb to those ever-present germs that abound in airports and airplanes. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices to keep your tissues hydrated. Avoid caffeine drinks and alcohol that deplete the body of moisture.

Eating A Better Immune System
Resist the urge to snack on empty calories. Most airports offer a variety of nutritious snacks such as fruit, nuts, trail mix or yogurt. Opt for these instead of chips, cookies and candy. Eating well during long travel days can be a problem. Find a restaurant that offers fresh vegetables and fruits. These will help to boost your immune system to ward off cold and flu germs. Avoid starchy and fried foods that make your metabolism work harder.

Get Up and Move Around
Sitting in one position for long periods can cause fatigue and poor circulation. While waiting to board take a brisk walk through from one end of the terminal to the other a few times. Stretch out your arms and legs. This will help to get the blood moving through cramped limbs and help to rev up both your metabolism and your immune system.

Prevent Travel Fatigue
Another good way to avoid getting colds and flu during holiday travel is to prepare in advance to ensure that you are in the best condition to take on the strains and stresses that are inevitable. Do your regular workout routine for several days before your travel day. Make sure that you get plenty of rest in advance. Take a mulitvitamin and extra vitamin C to help resist cold and flu germs. Pack a few healthy snacks in your purse on onboard bag.

When Illness Strikes
A cold can come on suddenly during the holiday season. A few hours into your trip, you can begin to feel unwell or develop a sniffle or sore throat. Many people swear by zinc lozenges that can often help to stop a cold in the early stages. Saline nasal sprays can help to reduce dryness and discomfort in nasal passages. You should always carry your preferred cold medication when traveling during the holidays. Though airports generally carry cold medications, they may not be the type that works best for you or may be incompatible with medications you take regularly. Carry aspirin or ibuprofen to help reduce fever or aches and pains. Sip hot tea with lemon to help soothe nasal congestion, coughs and sore throats.

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