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Facts About Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a pervasive and chronic condition that causes pain in the muscles, tenderness throughout the body, and persistent fatigue. Dealing with fibromyalgia is a challenge and managing the symptoms of fibromyalgia involves a search for effective fibromyalgia pain relief. Pain relief for fibromyalgia can be found in a combination of measures that is unique to each patient. Fibromyalgia chronic pain relief can be achieved through conscious efforts on the part of the victim and physicians. Through a team approach, fibromyalgia pain treatment can result in an active lifestyle in which the debilitating effects of the disorder are minimized. Individuals who suffer from fibromyalgia have the most promising results when they adopt a lifestyle that includes healthy eating, staying active with low impact exercises, and a pain management treatment that works best in their situation. Through research and asking questions, victims of fibromyalgia can find solutions to overcome chronic pain.

Fibromyalgia is a common disorder that affects millions of individuals of all ages, generally striking after the age of 18. According to the National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, women are the majority of victims dealing with fibromyalgia in 80 to 90 percent of the cases. Men and children have been known to be affected by symptoms of fibromyalgia. The symptoms are often misdiagnosed or ignored and may not be diagnosed until middle age. Early diagnosis is important to devise an effective fibromyalgia pain treatment plan that can promote a better quality of life.

Symptoms of fibromyalgia may be mistaken for other problems or may not be recognized as being part of a serious disorder. Victims and doctors may often try treating one particular issue without recognizing the true cause. Symptoms include pervasive muscle pain, tender points throughout the body that are generally in the joints, and chronic fatigue. Individuals who are dealing with fibromyalgia often have difficulty sleeping. Morning stiffness is common as well as headaches. There may be a tingling sensation or numbness in the hands and feet. Women may suffer from more painful, menstrual cycles. Victims may attempt to deal with each particular area of concern without realizing they need a fibromyalgia pain treatment plan.

The first step in treating fibromyalgia is a proper diagnosis. People experiencing the host of problems associated with the disease need to keep asking questions until they have answers. Rheumatologists, doctors who specialize in treating conditions affecting the joints, may offer the best solutions. Once the condition has been diagnosed, discovering a plan for fibromyalgia chronic pain relief. Fibromyalgia relief generally involves adopting a lifestyle that will promote a better quality of life. Victims of this condition need their rest and must do everything possible to get enough sleep on a nightly basis. If they find themselves tiring during the day, taking a nap at some point in the afternoon, even when coming home from work, could give them a badly needed boost. Eating well is important as well. There are certain foods that are known to promote joint health and others that are detrimental. Processed foods, those high in chemical preservatives, and foods that are high in sugars are often found to aggravate the condition. Putting healthy ingredients into the body will result in a healthier body. Daily exercise is important as well. While victims of this disorder should avoid high impact activities, staying active is important for optimal functioning of the human body. Finally, finding the right medication is essential for fibromyalgia chronic pain relief.

There are many avenues for fibromyalgia pain relief. According to WebMD, muscle relaxants, anti-depressants, pain medications, and sleep medications are commonly used to treat the condition. However, Lyrica was the first drug to be approved by the FDA that was specifically targeted for pain relief for fibromyalgia. Cymbalta came later and both are commonly used today. In addition, massage, water therapy, and yoga have been found to help many people to find fibromyalgia pain relief.

Dealing with fibromyalgia is a struggle. Individuals often find their symptoms to be a heavy burden as they deal with chronic pain on a daily basis. However, pain relief for fibromyalgia can be found. It means trying a combination of methods until success is achieved. Victims must not give up. With a good team of doctors and being educated, fibromyalgia pain relief is possible and individuals can have full lives.

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