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8 Habits That Damage Your Teeth

8 Habits That Damage Your Teeth

Healthy teeth are strong, durable, and able to function with ease. With the proper care, you can avoid chipping, aches, gingivitis, and a wide variety of tooth and gum disease. However, even those who brush three times a day and floss after every meal could be damaging their teeth without knowing it. There are a number of habits that humans adopt that could be causing more harm than good. Here are eight habits that damage your teeth.

#1: Grinding Your Teeth

A tough habit to control, teeth grinding can happen during times of stress, or worse, when sleeping. The more you grind, the more wear and tear on your teeth. It can cause tooth damage such as chipping or cracking. It may also cause muscle or joint pain. If you suspect that you grind your teeth in your sleep, it is crucial to invest in a mouth guard.

#2: Chewing Ice

Many people find pleasure in chewing ice, especially on a hot summer day. It’s important to refrain from this habit. Ice is hard, cold, and crystal. Chewing on ice could cause chipping, cracks, or even an issue with a cavity filling.

#3: Biting Your Nails

A habit that flares when nervous, biting your nails may not only result in chipping, but can cause tension in the jaw. This is a tough habit to break, but there are options for help. Try a clear-coat of bitter-tasting nail polish. This will remind you to stop each time you go to bite your nails.

#4: Brushing Too Hard

When you brush hard, fast, and furious, you risk damaging your gum line. The bristle is meant to clean, but not meant to irritate or inflame your gums. Remember to use a brush with a soft bristle and gently brush in a circular motion.

#5: Drinking Soda + Sugary Beverages

Full of sugar, acid, and artificial sweeteners, soda and beverages such as juice and sports drinks are bad for your enamel. If you can’t nix the habit for good, try using a straw so the liquid avoids your teeth altogether.

#6: Using Your Teeth As An Opener

Your teeth are meant for eating only. When you use your teeth to open a package or tear something apart, you risk cracking or chipping a tooth. Keep the proper tools handy in your home to avoid this.

#7: Eating Gummy Candy

While all sugar-filled products are bad for your teeth, some are worse than others. Gummy candy is at the top of the list because it can get in and in-between your teeth for long periods of time. The acid from the sugar wears on your protective enamel for hours at a time, which may cause cavities.

#8: Drinking Coffee

Unfortunately, this beloved beverage is staining your teeth. The dark and acidic nature of coffee may cause your teeth to become yellow over the course of time. If you can’t quit your morning cup of joe, you may want to invest in a teeth whitening kit or have them professionally cleaned more often.

By avoiding these habits, you may notice a difference in how your teeth look and feel. It is also much less likely that you’ll need any extreme dental work or procedures. A high-functioning and healthy smile is invaluable. Consider correcting any of the above habits that you may have, and your smile will continue to be bright.

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