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10 Foods That Will Deliver the Protein You Need

10 Foods That Will Deliver the Protein You Need

As important as it is to get enough vitamins and minerals in our diet, protein is another nutrient that we must be sure not to overlook. Our bodies use it to build and repair tissues, which is why getting enough protein is particularly of interest to bodybuilders. It is critical for everyone to get sufficient protein, though, as it is the building block of our bones, muscles, skin and blood. The following foods are healthy choices that are packed with protein.



With 7 grams of protein and only 75 calories, the egg has become a favorite of those who want protein without packing on weight. Eggs got a bad reputation due to their cholesterol content, but after years of study, scientists can find no direct correlation between eating foods high in cholesterol and having high blood cholesterol levels. They also contain the healthy nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin.


This is one of the first foods that many think of when looking for something with high protein. When you discover that 1 cup of chicken breast has 43 grams of protein and only 5 grams of fat, it’s easy to see why it’s a favorite meal for bodybuilders.

Greek Yogurt

This yogurt is already a favorite among the health conscious for its low fat content and probiotic ingredients that are good for our gut health. When you consider that one container also has 17 grams of protein, you realize it’s an even healthier start to your day than you thought.


This vegan-friendly dietary option is already touted for providing nutrients and health benefits that are too numerous to list here. You’ll also be happy to discover that one cup of this incredibly healthy vegetable has 3 grams of protein, which isn’t bad for a vegetable.


This fish has the advantage over land-based meats and poultry of delivering protein while also being an excellent source of the omega-3 fatty acids so important to our brain health. It’s also a good source of vitamin A and some B vitamins.


This legume is a protein-packed alternative to meats and poultry that puts the vegan crowd on a sound protein footing. It packs an impressive 1.1 grams of protein in a mere 1 tablespoon serving.


Pricier than many other protein sources but a potent one with 24 grams from a 100 gram serving of this seafood. That it is also delicious doesn’t hurt its popularity at all.


This protein-packed fish is also an excellent source of B vitamins as well as omega-3 fatty acids. It’s a favorite among weight trainers looking for an occasional break from chicken, tuna and protein powders when they need to keep their protein level up.


Nuts have generally gotten a bad reputation for having a lot of fat, but our bodies need some fat, and nuts provide healthier types of fat than many alternatives. In addition to having 20 grams of protein in a 1 cup serving, almonds are also very rich in calcium and magnesium.


These nuts are cheaper than almonds and more accessible for people due to the popularity of peanut butter. At 38 grams in a 1 cup serving, they are also packed with protein as well as being rich in vitamin B-6 and magnesium.

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