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Do These 6 Common Activities Cause Cancer?

Do These 6 Common Activities Cause Cancer?

Cancer comprises a complex group of diseases. For the most part, cancer always strikes unexpectedly and often without explanation. In its efforts to understand cancer, medical science has determined factors like genetics, lifestyle, and substances like tobacco, alcohol and diet do play a part. Cancers have been linked to infections and environmental components like chemicals and contaminated air. There has also been some debate about cancer being associated with what might seem a harmless, routine task.

The following list looks at things in our lives that have been rumored to be cancer-related as well as the validity of the arguments.

  1. Artificial Sweeteners
    This has long been an argument in and outside the scientific community. There is no conclusive evidence that artificial sweeteners increase the risk of any type of cancer. While saccharine has been linked to cancer in rats, it has also been noted that their bodies react differently to artificial sweeteners than the human body. The industry even dropped its once required cancer warning label at the turn of the century.
  2. X-rays
    Yes, exposure to X-rays will raise one’s cancer risk, but this is only if you have extensive exposure. The EPA limits how much exposure any patient can get during any session. It’s why the radiologist – who spends their days with these machines – leaves the room before they turn the machine on. It’s also why they may cover sections of your body with lead blankets or shields.
  3. The cell phone
    The rumor that the cell phone can give you brain cancer isn’t the hot topic it once was but still pops up from time to time. While no research has linked cancer to cellies, it should be noted your phone gives off the same type of energy as a microwave. As anyone knows, microwaves are not good for you. Though there is no recognized link to cancer, it has been advised cell phones chats be kept short and only if you have no landline, and if you’re someone who can’t live without that phone – which is everybody! – use a hands free device.
  4. Meat
    Red meat has been linked to colon cancer. In fact, a single frankfurter a day increases the chances of getting colon cancer. Cold cuts and processed meats have nitrites, another cancer-inducing agent. Cooking and smoking meats at high temps can produce PAHs, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. This is a range of chemicals released by the burning of coal, oil, gasoline and organics like charcoal-broiled meat. Studies are not conclusive as to how PAHs play a part in cancer.
  5. Sex
    Sadly, sex can lead to cancer. But that’s only if your human papillomavirus (HPV) infection worsens and becomes cancerous. Cervical cancer is a common risk here. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease the majority of adults get at some point. HPV actually dissipates without treatment. The most likely to contract HPV are males between 11 and 21, and females in the 11 to 26 age range. Of course, safe sex practices will prevent the spread of HPV.
  6. Coffee
    Overindulgence in caffeine does increase the long term risk of cancers, including colon, skin and liver cancer. The most current research shows that coffee has to be consumed moderately. Get your fill in no more than four cups a day. Otherwise, you’re probably asking for health risks that go far beyond sleepless nights and jitteriness.

It’s important you get regular checkups, know your family history regarding cancer, minimize cancer by avoiding things like tobacco and alcohol, and, if you’re experiencing unknown rashes, lumps or pains, seeing your doctor immediately.

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